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Sculpture size
The average one block ice sculpture measures 1m x 0.50cm x 0.25cm and weighs in excess of 100kgs.

Presentation of sculpture
The ice sculptures are presented either on a disposable drain tray or purpose built light box that will need to be collected following the event.

How long will it last?
Due to the vast number of designs possible this may vary. On average the detail of the sculpture will last for at least 6-8 hours. The complete sculpture may take a day or two to melt completely.

All enquiries are treated as individual therefore you will receive a personalised quote based on the brief. To ensure you receive an accurate quote - please have an idea of the design or sculpture you want, the size, delivery location and date required.

Notice period
Due to the sculptures being made by hand in house we encourage a reasonable notice period of two weeks for orders. Should you require a sculpture last minute please call us directly where we can confirm our availability.

Lights can certainly enhance the wow factor of an ice sculpture. At In Ice Designs our purpose-built presentation boxes contain LED lights. If you prefer a disposable drain tray for your sculpture why not add our LED spot light(s)?

The sculptures will be packaged and transported at sub-zero temperatures and arrive in perfect condition. Please allow up to 45 minutes for set up, depending on the piece.

Do not attempt to move the ice sculpture once it has been set up. The ice weighs in excess of 100kg and can cause serious harm or damage if dislodged. People can enjoy the sculpture, however they must take care not to be boisterous or clumsy around it, not crowd it, and take every precaution to ensure the sculpture is not bumped or moved. Otherwise, serious injury can occur.

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